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Dental Promotion

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering a huge 20% off of all Dental treatment this February, as we are celebrating Pet Dental health month.

To encourage the best Pet oral hygiene we are also extending our offer into March!

If you have any concerns about your Pets oral health, such as; a loose tooth, red gums, trouble eating, smelly breath or a lot of plaque on the teeth, call us now to arrange a preoperative consultation:

01843 825999

If your Pet requires a dental procedure this will need to be performed under anaesthesia and we can book a day that is convenient to you.

20% off your Pets total Dental bill can include, a Scale and Polish, any necessary extractions, medication and preoperative bloods and intravenous fluids if needed.

You will also receive a free Dental pack on discharge!

This offer is open to Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea pigs and Ferrets.

Call now to book a free Nurse appointment!

Please note, if you are a new client or your pet has not been seen for more than a year then you will need a Veterinary consultation which incurs a charge.

This offer is for our Minster branch only.