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Flea Prevention

Spring is in the air once again, and with it come the fleas! As always Prevention is better than a cure and we have many products available to suit you and your Pets.

Flea prevention is essential to the health of your Pet as these parasites can cause skin irritation or allergy, anaemia and can lead to a tapeworm infestation if ingested by your Dog or Cat.

For every flea seen on your pet, their are potentially hundreds of flea eggs, larvae and pupae in your home, as an adult flea can lay approximately 40 eggs per day!

The eggs fall from your Pets coat into the environment and normally hatch 2-14 days later. They can live in your carpets, Pets bedding, cracks in floorboards etc.

The larvae that hatch from these eggs resemble small maggots. This stage lasts for 5-20 days. The Larvae will live in the environment eating pre-digested blood or “flea dirt” which is shed by the adult fleas, until they spin their cocoons and become Pupae.

The Pupae is where the transformation to adult flea occurs. The Pupae can not always be eradicated with chemical treatment and should be encouraged to hatch first. The Fleas will hatch from their cocoons when they feel vibrations or body heat, which usually indicate a host is present.

The cycle then begins again. So if you see live Fleas on your Pet, you probably have some of the other life-stages within your home.

The best way to remove all stages of flea infestation, is to vacuum your home and wash all soft furnishings and bedding, before using a household flea spray. This process may need to be repeated several times, until all pupae have hatched and can be eradicated.

Your pets will need to be treated too!

We have several different spot on treatments, tablets and collars and sprays available. Some of these contain tick or worm prevention too.

All of our products are “Prescription only” medication, which means that your Pet will need to have been seen by a Vet within the last 6 months so that we can provide you with a more effective product than those available in the shops.

Please ring us to discuss which products will suit you Pets needs. We would be happy to discuss all options with you, order products for you and arrange appointments if they are needed.

Enjoy a Flea free spring!