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Helpful hints in caring for your pet at home

Physical examination at home

It is advisable to examine your pet on a regular basis at home. If you have had your pet from a young age it is very important to get them used to being examined from the start. Grooming your pet is a good opportunity to check them over and also strengthens the bond between owner and pet.

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Your pet should have:
  • Clear bright eyes, free of discharge
  • Clear nostrils, free of discharge
  • Clean odour free ears
  • Glossy coat free of knots and parasites
  • Healthy skin free of scurf, wounds and lumps
  • Suitable body weight
  • Free limb movement with no signs of stiffness or pain
  • Clear, yellow urine passed without pain or difficulty
  • Firm brown faeces passed freely without undue straining or pain
  • Interest shown in food with an ability to eat and drink comfortably
How to take a rectal temperature?


  • Gloves
  • Lubrication
  • Mercury or digital thermometer
  • Cotton wool
  • Disinfectant
Normal ranges:

  • Cat 38.0-38.5c/100.4-101.6f
  • Dog 38.3-38.7c/100.9-101.7f
Taking the temperature:

  • Your pet should be restrained gently by a family member/friend
  • Shake down the thermometer to ensure the mercury returns to the bulb
  • Lubricate the stubby bulb end of the thermometer with Vaseline, K-Y jelly, soap or oil
  • Gently insert the bulb of the thermometer into the rectum with a twisting motion. The thermometer should be directed against the upper surface of the rectum to avoid insertion into faeces.
  • Hold the thermometer in the place for 30seconds-1mintue
  • Gently remove the thermometer and wipe it clean with cotton wool (avoid touching the bulb).
  • Hold it horizontally and rotate it until the mercury level is visible, now you can take the reading.
  • Clean the thermometer by wiping with disinfectant and store safely in its container to avoid breakage.
A high temperature may be caused by infection, heat stroke, convulsions, pain and excitement.
A low temperature may be caused by shock, circulatory collapse and impending parturition.
How to tell if your dog or cat is ill:
  • Malodorous ears- discharge, scratching and irritation
  • Ocular or nasal discharge
  • Bad breath
  • Poor coat condition, dull, scurvy coat, hair loss
  • Wounds
  • Lameness
  • Abnormal motions, diarrhoea, mucus, blood, constipated
  • Abnormal urination patterns, difficulty in passing, frequent passing, blood, and change in colour/odour. If you think that your pet cannot pass urine, this is an emergency so contact your vet immediately.
  • Weight loss, excessive weight gain, swollen abdomen
  • Drinking excessively or increased appetite
  • Not eating
  • Vomiting
  • Coughing, breathing difficulties
  • Depressed, lethargic, unwilling to exercise
  • In pain/discomfort/restless- change in temperament
  • High temperature
Medical cabinet at home:

This kit contains the basic requirements for you to cope in an emergency situation when caring for dogs and/or cats:

  • Wound dressing
  • Padding bandage
  • Conforming bandage
  • Cohesive bandage
  • Swabs
  • Cotton wool
  •  Instant ice pack
  •  Scissors
  •  Tweezers
  •  Digital or mercury Thermometer
  • Foil Blanket
  • Gloves
  • Sterile saline solution
  • Vaseline
  • For Bee & wasp stings: Bicarbonate of soda & vinegar
  • Honey/liquid glucose if diabetic

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Our Commitment

Our commitment is ensure that your pet will receive the highest possible standard of veterinary treatment whilst under our care.

 Financial Policy

We encourage all our clients to take out pet insurance for their pets as this can be handy in the event of large unexpected expenses. We would be happy to deal with direct insurance claims (conditions apply) and we complete all insurance claims for our clients free of charge.

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 Our Promise

We are a comitted team with a special compassion for pets and their owners. We will always treat our clients in a professional manner. As a family-run business we pride ourselves that we will always be honest and transparent. We do not hide anything behind the scenes and therefore invite any owner to visit our premises for a free guided tour!

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